Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shards of Light

New York City
This morning I awoke to the sun spilling in my window, and realized that the character and angle of light is beginning to change. The daylight lasts a little longer each day for which I am very grateful. All the metaphors about light and darkness are not lost on me because I am, I find, more light sensitive the older I get. Or maybe I was always light sensitive. Certainly I've never liked winter which is comical since I grew up in Iowa with snow falling as early as October and wind chills often to 20 below zero. Mercifully, this is not Iowa and even at its coldest, New York is temperate in comparison.

My tonic to deal with my yearning for light is to schedule trips beginning in December to places that have warm water, bright sun and hot sand. This month that place will be Miami where I am running a half marathon. Why? Because I want to see how I do with a distance run. It's part of my due diligence to decide whether or not I can run the 2006 New York Marathon which I have qualified for. The race is the Ing Miami Marathon on January 29. Sounds like a pretty run--along the ocean some of the time and certainly a chance to see Miami neighborhoods.(

For now, I'm just content to watch the angle of the sun from my desk, grateful that the sun continues to inch up the horizon and send shards of light across my floor.


Becca said...

It's so good to find your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine ... I will add you to my list of regular reads. You write beautifully ... good luck with the half marathon - I'm very impressed - really.

charles said...

I loved the part about the light in winter and the photo too. And the segment about Ethan watching cars and your feeling about him was beautiful.