Friday, January 06, 2006

Back Home Again

Friday, January 6, 2005
My trip to the Caribbean ended early this morning when my USAirways flight finally arrived well after midnight. I'm not always a cynic, but there is a reason that airline is in bankrupcy and it spells management. More on that another time.
I'm really mindful of the trip's highlights. St Barth's is a paradise not unlike Portofino or other exotic destinations where the food is good, the people are beautiful, and anything is possible. I loved the island and would go back in a minute. But like so many places, in my view, that are populated with the affluent and those who would like to be, there is a certain cynicism built in to the place. The "scene", which I can take or leave, was the topic of conversation with my villa-mates after every night's outings. If I sound old fashioned, I suppose I am. At least, I really am not dazzled by someone's boat or guests--I'm dazzled by what they turn out to be when I spend time with them. I love my friends, bless them, and they are very tolerant of my "don't think I'm going to make it past 11pm" notion. Would I stay up after 11 to discuss philosophy or literature? Yup. But I'm not much of a club scene girl. Don't get me wrong, I can party and love my Chablis and Montrachet, but I can take the scene or leave it.
What was the best part of St. Barth's?
Running on the beach barefoot in the early morning.
Watching a three masted teak sailing vessel come into the harbor from our aerie about Gustavia.
Buying perfectly whimsical dresses from a Parisian, Martine, in a tiny shop near Saline Beach.
Watching the fireworks from the Carl Gustav Hotel overlooking the harbor on New Year's Eve.
Swimming laps with my friend Michael even on days when the surf was rough.
Eating tuna tartare barefoot at a little restaurant 400 yards from the beach.
Skinny dipping in our villa pool and sunbathing without my top ( when everyone else was at the beach )
Seven memorable things in seven days. That's pretty good in my world.

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